Bob Franklin

Bob Franklin is one of the most talented artists in Australia, he is a corporate comedian with more the 20 year’s experience and adds further prestige to his impressive resume as a writer, actor, director and author.  

He was born in the UK (with Welsh origins) where he started his stand up comedy career in the 1980’s, he decided to venture out to Australia for a working holiday in 1989 and much to our delight, he didn’t go back. 

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Bob has gained a reputation for dazzling club and corporate comedy crowds with his dry sense of humour, weather he is telling a story about Burt Newton or an observation on the Jim’s Plumbing franchise, you can bet your bottom dollar Bob will have the crowd in stitches. 

Bob Franklin has worked with some of the biggest names in Australian Comedy, none more so then Jimoin. The two go way back, having lived together as travellers and then going on to perform as a double act in more recent years. In addition to Bobs outstanding performance in front of the camera and crowds, Bob has also had a hand in the writing of some very successful Australian Television Shows, none more so then Jimeoin’s ‘Jimeoin Show’, Shaun Micallef’s ‘World Around Him’ and Mick Molloy’s ‘Mick Molloy Show’. 

Bobs most recent exploits include an appearance in the Chanel 9 Television show Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War and the release of his book ‘Moving Tigers’. 

Bob is very much a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival where you can catch him performing a live stand up comedy show or staring in a one man play. There is no limitations to the versatility of Bob Franklin, he is a sure thing for your next corporate comedy, social or sporting club event. 



Comedian Bob Franklin
Jimeoin, Bob Franklin & Glenn Robbins at MICF Gala 2001


Bob Franklin, comedian, cooking
Bob Franklin - Cooking Show