Anh Do

Ahn Do is an award winning Author, Artist an Actor and one of Australia's best corporate comedians.

Since arriving on a boat from Vietnam, Ahn has endeared himself to Australian audiences with his lovable hilarious nature, both on stage and on screen.

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After completing his university studies (Business/Law degree) Ahn embarked on a stand up comedy career, deciding that working a regular job in the corporate world wasn't for him. Thank god he turned his talents to entertaining as Ahn has gone on to appear on a number of Australian TV shows and movies, as well as entertaining corporate comedy audiences with his upbeat style. Ahn's talents have certainly been recognised in recent times with Australian TV network channel 7 giving him his own Television series. It started with "Ahn does Vietnam" and has moved on to locations such as Brazil, Britain, Iceland and Scandanavia. Ahn continues to enhance his reputation as one of Australia's best corporate speakers/comedians with a client list that includes entertaining Prime Ministers and some of the worlds biggest corporate companies.

Don't miss this opportunity to book one of Australia's finest and funniest comedians. If Ahn isn't off hosting his own Telvision show around the world then he'll be sure to make himself available for your next corporate comedy event.



picture of Akmal Saleh, Australian Comedian
Ahn won $200K for a viewer on Deal or No Deal"


photograph of Ahn Do with baby doll
Ahn Do as a tubby policemen on Thank God You're Here