Bogan Bingo

 Every show features two Bogan Bingo hosts, one who will MC the event and call out the numbers while the other will DJ, playing classic Bogan songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Action packed full of jokes, audience participation and an air guitar competition, Bogan Bingo leaves you wanting to return to your Bogan roots. 

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Such is the phenomenon of Bogan Bingo, it has featured on Australian Television shows such as Australia’s Got Talent, Getaway and A Current Affair. 

Bogan Bingo is not only popular for its entertainment value, the Bogan Bingo team also make life easy for you by supplying all the Bingo pencils and game cards as well as setting up the sound and lighting requirements for the event. 

A Bogan Bingo night generally consists of two games of bingo, a Bogan fashion parade and the legendary Bogan Bingo air guitar competition. In addition, the Bogan Bingo MC can assist with raffles and auctions so as the client can relax and enjoy the event. 

And the night doesn’t finish when the Bogan Bingo is over. Hell no, the Bogan Bingo lads are always happy to hang around and play music well after your function is finished. So if you’re looking for a sporting club fundraiser or a change from your general corporate comedy event, Bogan Bingo is for you. 



photo of Bogan Bingo
The madcap action at a Bogan Bingo session!


Bogan Bingo calling
Calling numbers at bingo - big time Bogan style!