Nick Cody

At 24 years of ages Nick Cody is the Einstein of Australian comedy (the boy is a genius). His word wizardry, sense of humour and comedic timing make him one of the most sought after comedy acts on the circuit.

Not only are his talents recognised in Australia but also in the United States where Nick spends a lot of his times these days. 

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A regular on the comedy festival scene, Nick started his comedy festival career in the smallest of venues and has now worked his way onto the big stages where he has become a favourite of many at the Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane comedy festivals. In addition, you can catch Nick honing his solo shows on the comedy circuit in his home town of Melbourne. 

Nick’s comedic talents have also been recognised off the stage where he has become a regular cast member on the Channel 7 TV sketch comedy show ‘Kinne.’ So popular was the first series of the show in 2014, it was recommissioned for a second series in 2015 . In addition, Nick has lent his comedic talents to radio where he has been a regular guest on NOVA radio with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek.

“He’s charismatic, self-depricating and warm, and the crowd absolutely love him, at one point even chanting his name in their enthusiasim. Cody is there to make you laugh with as much dispatch and efficiency as possible and at that task he excels." - Chortle

Nick’s stand-up comedy is honest, intelligent and edgy. He will have you laughing in the isles with stories of riding a pushbike drunk or going to the STD clinic for his regular check-up. He is one not to be missed!

“Both uncontrollably laugh out loud funny and hang – your – head – in – shame funny…..” - Herald Sun 



photo of comedian Nick Cody
Cracker Night 2014


Nick Cody, comic genius
The Clubhouse in Hobart