Luke Heggie

Have you ever wanted to take a punt on booking a comedian that you don’t really know. Luke Heggie is your man. Luke started stand up comedy in 2010 because he made a new years resolution and stuck to it.

Thank God he did because Heggie took the comedy world by storm. In only his third performance on stage, Heggie won the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival RAW Comedy Competition. 

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His Raw Comedy Victory saw Luke chauffeured to Edinburgh where he competed in the equivalent RAW comedy competition at the Edinburgh Fringe (he made the final of this competition also)  Whilst in Edinburgh, Heggie’s talents were recognised by Identical Twin Comedians The Nelson Twins and Luke was asked to open their smash hit show also. 

Luke Heggie is such a versatile act that he has gone from telling one line jokes in his early years to now telling stories in his last three Solo shows. He even taught himself the ukulele for his debut Melbourne International Comedy festival show in 2013 so he could bring the house down with a rendition of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. Oh yeah and he can sing to.  He has since built up a cult following and will again play to sold out crowds with his 2015 show titled Your Not Special. 

Luke gains a lot of his storytelling ability from his ten years he spent travelling around the world. With a wealth of life experience to call on, Luke often tells a humorous story about someone he met on his travels. 

The brilliance of Luke Heggie is never ending. On his travels he met a young French lady who would become his wife, just like learning the Ukulele, Luke taught himself French and now fluently speaks, reads and writes the language. What is next for the great Luke Heggie? You can of course book him for your next corporate comedy event but you better get in quick before he teaches himself to fly a space ship and takes off to the moon.




picture of Comedian Luke Heggie
Australia's Got Talent 2012


Luke Heggie, Australian comic
2010 Raw Comedy Winner