Jimeoin is undoubtably one of the most sought after stand up comics of his generation – he has an uncanny knack of worming into an audience's psyche and turning up the laughter crankshaft!

His ability to write cutting edge material and dial into his audience make his shows fun packed and memorable – for all the right reasons!!!

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Whether it's dead-pan wit or bizarre yet uncannily spot-on observations, Jimeoin is a comic for any occasion.

His regular place on the bill of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and his punishing Aussie tours are sell-out events...necessitating extra shows to meet that demand.

Overseas, Jimeoin has spread his celtic joy from The Big Apple to the Island of the Long White Cloud. His European success and cultural exposure cultivate performances that are the darling of the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. 

During the "naughties" he toured tirelessly through our own big back yard and back to the cities and towns for fresh air, and the occasional imported beer. Throughout this time he was the first stand-up comic to blanket the outback with performances in swimming pools, scout halls, hotels of all dubious nature, ranches and all manner of unusual places! This tour was filmed for a BBC series called 'Jimeoin Down Under'.

He then returned home to his native Ireland and packed out venues in the Emerald Isle and across to mainland Europe in Paris, the Edinburgh Fringe and London's West End. The Scottish gigs smashed box-office records even before doors opened and he enjoyed huge critical acclaim.

He now however calls Australia home...and we're a happier place for it!


A Young Jimeoin on Hey Hey it's Saturday!
A Young Jimeoin on Hey Hey it's Saturday


Jimeoin playing the guitar at the Edinburgh Festival
Performing at the Edinburgh Festival 2013