Greg Fleet

Greg Fleet or Fleety as he is affectionately known to all that love him, is a stalwart of Australian comedy. When he first burst onto the scene in the 80’s he was one of a very few Australian’s who called themselves a Stand Up Comedian.


Comedy of course wasn’t Fleety’s first foray into the entertainment game, Fleety started as an actor at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) before he realised his number one talent was live stand up comedy. Being forced to make the plunge from open mic to professional comedian so quickly (there weren’t enough professionals at the time) Fleety soon developed into one of Australia’s best headline acts. He has since excelled as a performer in Australia and was also asked to perfrom at the Invite only Montreal Comedy Festival.

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Although Fleety has excelled as a corporate comedian for hire and performed in all comedy clubs around Australia, Fleety has kept his acting skills fine tuned with a number of roles on Australian Television shows. If you’ve been a soapie junkie over the years you would have seen Greg on Neighbours and Blue Healers or even plying his number one trade on a televised comedy festival gala show. 

There are very few limitations to Fleety’s entertaining ability, he is equaly at home on stage telling jokes or performing in a Shakespearian play. In addition, Fleety teamed up with Mick Moriarty in 2007 to create a musical duo called Fleetwood Mick. It was a great success at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and you can still see them from time to time when they return to the stage for a rare performance. 

Fleety is a vetran of more then ten solo comedy festival shows and he is once again putting his tremendous skill to the test at this years 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival where he will be performing a show that is totally “off the cuff”, its called Ad Lib-Oration. 



Aussie Comedian Greg Fleet
2002 Melbourne International Comedy Festival


Greg Fleet in comedy sketch
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala in 2004