Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is one of the founding fathers of Australian comedy. 

With more than sixty Stand Up Comedy Performances on Australian TV, Elliot Goblet comes with a wealth of experience.

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If you haven’t seen Goblet live on stage you may remember him from any of the following 

  • The Footy Show
  • The Midday Show
  • Neighbours
  • Hey Hey It’s Saturday
  • The Big Gig
  • Burkes Backyard
  • Fat Pizza
  • His book ‘Business According To Goblet’
  • Host of the comedy audio channel on Qantas

Over the years Goblet has also stared in TV commercials, filmed numerous corporate videos and performed his craft in countries such as the UK, America, Canada and New Zealand. 

With over 1000 (but who’s counting)  corporate performances to his name, Eliot Goblet is the experienced campaigner you need at your next corporate comedy event or wedding. He’s from the old school of performance where tailoring material to the occasion is essential.  He’s guaranteed to keep proceeding flowing and give you a jolly good laugh in the process. 



Aussie Comedian Elliot Goblet
Elliot Goblet's 50th Television Spot


Elliot Goblet in comedy sketch
Stand Up Comedy